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Nikita Bukatkin

Birthday (Age): 07. March 1988 (30)
Birthplace: Minsk 
Previous Clubs: FC Shakhter (Soligorsk), FC Naftan (Novopolotsk), FC Minsk, FC Belshina (Bobruisk), FC Mashal (Uzbekistan)
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 75 kg
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The 28-year-old midfielder was known as a tough player, who has sharp tongue, when he moved to the city upon Bug last summer. But in Brest he made benefit out of these qualities, and became fans' favorite for his courageous and brave performance on the pitch.

Dynamo Brest is Bukatkin's sixth club in the career. It all started in Dinamo Minsk's Academy, after which there were Shakhter, Naftan with lifted Belarusian Cup with the team, FC Minsk, Uzbek Mashal and Belshina. The midfielder moved to our team from Bobruisk and immediately became Sergey Kovalchuk's first team player, perfectly fitting the coach's schemes.

Playing as defensive midfielder, Bukatkin (named as Bukatuzzo by the fans) constantly cut off oxygen to opponents, which helped his teammates feel free in midfield.

The main side effect of his style is an excessive amount of warnings. During last season Bukatkin twice had to miss games due to suspensions.

- You don't think about it before the match, but during the game the I am overcome with emotions, and sometimes let down the team with such behavior. I tell myself to control emotions, but not every time manage to cope with them. I am myself annoyed with this, - explains himself Nikita.

Acknowledgement of one's own mistakes is the start of progress for future. Bukatkin has great plans for the forthcoming season, and this matches the team's ambitions: "I want to win the Cup and qualify to Europa League; and to be in a competition for the title in Highest League".

Next Match

Venue: RSC "Brestskiy" 25.06.18 (Monday) 20:45
Dynamo Brest
Dynamo Brest

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